Rijschool Yoox is the only driving school in Utrecht that is dedicated to giving driving lessons in English to Expats, customized to suit your needs.

After many years of giving lessons in both Dutch and English, from January 2022 I will be focusing solely on English-language lessons. Over the past years I have guided many expats towards successfully getting their Dutch driving license. Expat students have come from different areas of the globe, including Brazil, Chile, USA, Mali, New Zealand, China, India, Indonesia, Bulgaria, UK and more.

I enjoy teaching expats as they come from such diverse backgrounds, and this suits my international profile and passion for different cultures and languages.

From my personal experience of driving abroad, I know that driving in The Netherlands can be very different to driving elsewhere. This is due to the high population density, the omnipresent bicycles, and the (sometimes different) strict rules, which are strongly enforced by the CBR, the Dutch driving license issuing authority.

This means that customized lessons are needed, which take into consideration any experience you may have to date, probably gained in another country. So contrary to ‘one size fits all’, Rijschool Yoox provides a customized driving education for every student.
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