The learning program is based on the individual studentÂ’s learning style and tempo. And as mentioned before, you pay for the lesson, so you will benefit from that lesson. No driving to and from other students, but your learning needs as the only guide for the route we take. Rijschool Yoox works with a limited number of students at a time, to ensure a high quality standard with a lot of individual attention for each student.
Each program is customized yet has a few set guidelines:

Control of the vehicle

The first step is controlling the vehicle, for example to start, steer, brake, shift gear etc. This process requires a lot of concentration, as you will have to consiously think about each movement. These lessons should preferably last 1 hour. A beginners package would consist of 4 lessons of 1 hour and 16 lessons of 1,5 hours.

Traffic insight skills and situational behaviour

After basic control of the vehicle has become second nature, the next step is learning to be alert to every possible traffic situation and how to respond to it. In order to consolidate this behaviour, lessons should preferably last 1,5 hours to maximize the learning effect.

The student is exposed to as many different traffic situations as possible, in busy and in low traffic, in traffic jams, in the city and on the motorway.
On the road